Planning Learning: David's session

This Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics video shows part of a GCSE mathematics session on probability with a group of evening class learners in an FE College.

In the session you will be able to hear David set the context for the session, see four excerpts from the session itself and hear David and his learners' reflections on the session and the learning that has taken place.

The activities in this session can be found in the 'Using the materials' section in the Evaluating probability statements and Playing probability computer games sessions.

What does David achieve in the whole group questioning at the beginning of the session? How does he use the learners' responses as the discussion progresses?

In Excerpt 2, David listens to a small group discussion. What do you think he achieves by doing this?

David builds the session around the exploration of misconceptions about probability as a positive starting point. What are the advantages of this approach? How are the misconceptions resolved?

In Excerpt 2 we hear the learners responding to probability statements using their own knowledge and beliefs. How does David make use of their responses?

In the final Excerpt we see the learners overcoming some of the misconceptions associated with the coin race. They formulate another hypothesis based on this learning.

How does David begin to move the learning on from here? What might you do next in this session?

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