Introductory videos for the Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics resources featuring Background, Addressing the issues, Developing the approach,The way forward and How to use the resource.

The resources offer the opportunity to learn about the approaches adopted in the Standards Unit mathematics pilot. You will be able to explore the work of the teachers, trainers and learners involved.

You can use the resource to explore and reflect on aspects of effective practice, such as questioning techniques, discussion and assessment. You can also view case study materials of teachers, trainers and learners taking part in sessions and to share in their reflections on their work.

You can download ideas for sessions, including the activities themselves and a professional development guide is included. This offers further ideas for using the resource and for sharing the approaches with your colleagues.

To find out more, read the book, explore the resources, view the videos and, most importantly, try out the approaches for yourself.

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I'd really like to download these videos for use with trainees that come to the department. How can I do this?? Thank you for any help


The great thing about this resource is that it combines actual classroom resources with illustrations of appropriate pedagogy and backup research on principles of good practice.