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Science and Technology in Society 8

SATIS book eight includes The water pollution mystery, Hypothermia, The technology of toilets, Stress, and Radiation - how much do you get?.

The ten units in this booklet are:

801 The water pollution mystery: A data-analysis exercise about solving the problem of death of fish in a river.

802 Hypothermia: Reading and questions about hypothermia, including a case study to show how it can affect young people in severe weather conditions.

803 The technology of toilets: Reading, diagrams, pictures and questions about alternative solutions to the design of toilets.

804 Electrostatic problems: Reading, practical work and questions concerning industrial problems caused by electrostatics.

805 The search for the magic bullet: Reading and questions about the development of chemotherapy.

806 Stress: A series of activities concerning mental stress.

807 Raditation- how much do you get?: A data-handling exercise which allows students to estimate their own radiation dose, accompanied by information and questions about the risks of radiation.

808 Nuclear fusion: A structured discussion on the possibility of using nuclear fusion to generate electricity.

809 Ball games: Information and practical exercises on the science and technology of ball games.

810 High pressure chemistry:Reading and questions about the work of Carl Bosch and the commercial development of the Haber process.

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