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Science and Technology in Society 7

SATIS book seven includes Electricity in your home[, Physics in playgrounds, and Which anti-acid?.

The ten units in this booklet are:

701 Electricity in your home: Exercises using the electricity meters in students homes to find out about electricity consumption.

702 The gas supply problem: Information and problem-solving exercise concerning the distribution and use of natural gas.

703 Vegitarianism: Information, questions and discussion concerning vegetarianism.

704 Electric lights: Home survey, reading and questions concerning artificial electric lighting.

705 Physics in playgrounds:A series of structured questions on energy, forces and motion based upon the experiences children gain using swings, slides and see-saws.

706 Dry cells: Reading, questions and practical work concerning the nature of dry cells.

707 Artificial limbs: Reading, questions and discussion on artificial legs and arms.

708 Appropriate pumps: Information, questions and discussion on appropriate technology as applied to water pumps for developing countries.

709 Which anti-acid?: Survey, practical work and questions on consumer testing of anti-acids.

710 What is biotechnology?: Reading and questions on the history and nature of biotechnology, including case studies.

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