Science and Technology in Society 6

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SATIS book six includes The limestone inquiry, The heart pacemaker, and Metals as resources.

The ten units in this booklet are:

601 Electricity on demand: Decision-making task concerning electricity generation and the use of different types of power stations.

602 The limestone enquiry: A role-play exercise concerning the quarrying of limestone.

603 The heart pacemaker: Reading, questions and discussion concerning electronic heart pacemakers and their use in treating heart defects.

604 Metals as resources: Data analysis exercises on the prices, abundance and reserve lifetimes of metals, and problems associated with their depletion.

605 The great chunnel debate: Information, questions and debate concerning the building of a fixed Channel link.

606 The Tristan Da Cunha dental surveys: A data analysis exercise concerning the effect of diet on dental decay.

607 Scale and scum: Questions based on an advertising leaflet concerning water softening.

608 Should we build a fallout shelter?: A role-play exercise concerning the building of a nuclear fallout shelter.

609 Hitting the target- with monoclonal antibodies: Reading and questions concerning the production and uses of monoclonal antibodies.

610 Robots at work: Reading, questions and discussion on industrial robots and their future implications.

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