Science and Technology in Society 3

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SATIS book three includes Air pollution - where does it come from?, Living with kidney failure, The second law of - what?, and Recycling aluminium.

The ten units in this booklet are:

301 Air pollution - where does it come from?: A data-analysis exercise concerning sources of air pollution.

302 Living with kidney failure: A structured discussion concerning the treatment of kidney failure and some of the related problems.

303 Physics and cooking: Information, recipes and questions relating to some of the physical principles involved in cooking.

304 A medicine to control Bilharzia: Part 1: How can we Control Bilharzia?
Reading, questions and discussion concerning the nature of a tropical disease, and approaches to its control.

305 A medicine to conrtol Bilharzia: Part 2: Developing a Medicine to Control Bilharzia
Reading, questions and discussion concerning the development, testing and production of a
pharmaceutical product for the control of a tropical disease.

306 Fibre optics and telecommunications: Reading and questions on the use of optical fibres in telecommunications.

307 Chemicals from salt: Problem-solving exercises concerning the production of sodium hydroxide and chlorine by the electrolysis of salt.

308 The second law of - What?: Reading and questions explaining very simply the ideas behind the Second Law of Thermodynamics and relating them to everyday problems such as pollution and the provision of energy.

309 Microbes make human insulin: Reading, questions and discussion on the use of genetic engineering techniques to produce human insulin.

310 Recycling aluminium: A home survey investigating the extent to which households consume aluminium, leading to a discussion of the question of recycling aluminium.

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