This unit of learning material, from the National Learning Network Materials' Biology collection, explains enzymes and enzyme action. Animations illustrate the lock and key model of enzyme action. Students see how temperature and pH influence the enzyme's active site and therefore the rate of reaction.   The files to install this application on your own laptop or school system are included below.

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Anna Richardson


I have just tested the resource on Internet Explorer 8 & Firefox and the software has worked fine for me in both browsers. Please contact me at if you have any further questions.

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I've used this as a summary activity for my set 1, 2 and 3 year 11s - they worked on laptops in pairs and used this as part of their revision.  It worked well and covers most of the areas in the AQA Additional Science GCSE enzymes topic.  The students found it easy to use and a useful revision tool. 


useful for quick revision before starting A level/ Access/ BTEC Level 3

Helen West

Useful as back up to knowledge when reviewing enzymes before assessed practical for Access Nursing group