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Human Torch is a 'learning adventure', sponsored by the Health and Safety Executive and provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE).

The resource combines computer-based activities with video and experiments. Human Torch begins with a short dramatic video scene showing a victim who burned to death under bizarre circumstances. Students then begin to investigate.

In the computer activities they collect evidence at the crime scene, test clues in a simulated laboratory, and question experts. They can also do real experiments in the lab. To gain points and eventually solve the case, they must learn a lot of science surrounding chemical reactions and safety.

For example:

* The identification of hazards and risks, and how to control them.

* What a fuel is and different examples.

* The role of oxygen in burning.

* The products of combustion.

Human Torch covers a large amount of content and requires three lessons:

* Level 1 of the interactive game.

* Experiments carried out in the laboratory.

* Level 2 of the interactive game.

Password for level 2 game: students are given a points score at the end of Level 1. In order to carry over the score to Level 2, they are given a password based on their score. If students forget their passwords they are ‘combust’ (0-450 points), ‘forensic’ (450-600 points) or ‘red herring’ (600+ points).

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