Delbert maths worksheets

This sample of Badger Publishing: Delbert Maths Worksheets offer rigorous content, but with a healthy dash of fun in the shape of Delbert and his cartoon antics, hints and tips. The sample includes practice questions for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Maths SATs, worksheets for the numeracy hour and practice problems.

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Activity time: 15 mins per sheet
Level / prior knowledge: Varying level dependent on year group chosen, they are aimed at an average pupil in each of the year groups.
Subject / curriculum links / skills: Maths
Preparation time: 5 mins (photocopying)
Extra resources: None
I have used these work sheets with my mixed ability year 5/6 class as homework activities. By using the sheets aimed at the different year groups it has allowed me to easily differentiate according to ability. They give good SATs practice to my year 6 children. We mark them together as a class or in small groups during the maths lesson so the children can get instant feedback. Overall, the pupils quite like the sheets, as much as they ever like homework! They are a big hit with the parents though.
TOP TIP: The questions on each sheet can be very varied in content, it is necessary to read the sheet carefully before handing out as some of the topics may not have been covered in class.