Curated primary resources

Our bespoke collections of hand-picked resources have been created to give you new ideas and inspiration.

All the resources you need to bring Core Maths into your school or college.
A selection of resources to support the teaching of A level sciences.
These packages of hand-picked resources cover aspects of the T levels in science, health and healthcare science , with advice and guidance from subject specialists.
Use the context of space to inspire and engage students with STEM subjects.
A selection of mathematics teaching materials chosen from the STEM Learning resource collection for post-16 students.
Explore our series of resources supporting the teaching of science through cross-curricular topics.
From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Gruffalo, children's stories provide a great context for learning science.
There are plenty of ways you can inspire your pupils with the world and wonder of engineering.
The science of learning draws upon educational neuroscience and psychology to help you gain an insight into how students learn.
A selection of resources, programmes and guidance to help you provide the best possible support to young people.