BBC micro:bit - Visual Acuity game written with MicroPython

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This Python program, written using the MicroPython editor Mu, is a game for aspiring astronauts designed to test their visual acuity. It is for use with this BBC micro:bit resource.

It has been shown that, over time, astronauts in space suffer deterioration in vision. This fun game can test visual acuity on the ground. 

The game works as follows:

All 25 of the BBC micro:bit LEDs will light up. One of the LEDs will be dimmer than the others - it will be on the left hand side or the right. Players must click button on the side with the dim LED - button A or B. The time they are given decreases each round, and the dimness of the LED varies also. When they fail to hit the correct button in time they will find out their score, and a light-hearted assessment of their astronaut status... ground crew, trainee astronaut or spacecraft commander!

The program is deliberately imperfect, as it is hoped students (and teachers) will make their own improvements. To do so, you will need to download and use the Mu editor.


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