Animals, Plants and their Habitats KS2

Produced as part of a series by The Donkey Sanctuary with a view to furthering one of it's core aims of promoting understanding, care and welfare issues for animals by young people. Covers a range of aspects of the new 2014 KS2 Programmes of Study. It primarily covers the Science POS concerning animals and plants, but is presented in a way to address cross curricular links to other areas such as Design & Technology, Mathematics, English and PSHE.
Developed with teacher and environmental specialist input with an aim to provide a detailed and usable resource for everyday use by teachers.
Designed in 12 x 90 minute lessons.
- KS1 review, Animal structures, Micro-organisms, Digestive systems, Food chains, Plant Reproduction, Animal Life Cycles, Evolution / Suitability / Adaptations, Environmental Issues.
3 part resource: presentation, student resources, teacher guide 

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