North Sea Rocks

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This is material that has been cut vertically down the length of the core to produce slabs that are typically preserved in resin. There are 15 core slabs are  available in lengths of 1 m. They are useful for emphasising sedimentary structures and variations in sedimentary rocks. The features can be sketched and measured as well as investigated with magnifying glasses. This resource works well laid out in a playground but can also work indoors.


This is material that has been cut horizontally across the length of the core, and represents a third of the original core barrel diameter. 5 samples are available that comprise mudstones and sandstones and represent the different key elements of a hydrocarbon reservoir: source rock, reservoir rock and seal rock. Handling a piece of core gives a good sense of geology, while helping to communicate exactly what core is and how it is recovered.


- This resource has been used to tie in with the rocks and soils part of the primary curriculum - the rocks can be related back to the environment in which they were originally deposited on the earths surface.

- This resource is a good platform to discuss energy, the different forms of energy and the role that fossil fuels play in our society. Discussions about Carbon Capture and Storgae are also relevent using this resource.

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