Using XR to change the way we work in the world

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The purpose of this workshop session is to allow groups to be able to look into how XR (AR & VR) can be used to make real change within the world. The aim is to make the groups look at the technology away from entertainment and gaming, and focus more on how could the technology be used in other areas to really benefit people, businesses and public services.

Typical breakdown consists of:

  • Forming of the group, who will become your 'dev' team.
  • Coming up with some ideas of what could be done, then as a group analyse those ideas and decide upon one to flesh out.
  • Build upon the idea the groups have chosen, taking into account, Target Market, Practicality, and Impact on the world.
  • Prepare a pitch for the idea and present back to the rest of the room.

This session can be ran with as little as an hour through to a full day session depending on time constraints.

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