Surprising Science.

There was the following science activity at Kenton Library on 18.02.2019.

1. Introduction to children about lemons read from a library book.

2. An activity making a digital clock work using two lemons as batteries.

3 The children were divided into two groups. One group found out the reaction beteeen baking powder with water and or vinegar.

They then made a  ‘rocket.’


The second group found out about the reaction  of sodium bicarbonate with water and or vinegar.

Each group ‘acted’ about their discoveries.

4. The children read for five

minutes and read aloud about one

new scientific fact.

6. Summary of activities by the children.

7.Each pair of children were given a container and they chose their reagents for investigation. Secret messages were written on paper. The paper was warmed and shaped were viewed.


The activity started at 10.30am - 11.15am,18.02.2018.


1. A stem activity box.

2. The Stem resource web.


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