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Welcome to Project Work in Computer Science

This is a new website for teachers and pupils in Computing created in 2019. In particular, this site proposes to support Computational thinking directed towards creative problem-solving and design in Algorithms and Programming. We support the projects proposed on this site with open source software freely available on browsers so that users can access the software on different devices, including mobile phones. The first project, a work in progress, is an experimental version of the children's game Hangman. It is intended as project work for KS3/4 teachers and pupils. Comments and suggestions are welcome to Dave at

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Algorithms and Programming, and bespoke software at Dept of Computer Science, University College London is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at dave@ispython.comCreative Commons License

Project 1: Hangman

In a nutshell: Can you learn to play Hangman well? Can you get the computer to help you improve your game? Can you program the computer to play Hangman well? (As opposed to hosting the game). The concept behind this project is to introduce the idea of starting with an individual human solution to the problem and to express it as an algorithm. We use guided discovery and enquiry-based learning on a Hints page, to help in this development and enlist some computer aids, which we provide, to help with the design of a human computer-aided solution. Further, any strategy/algorithm developed can be tested automatically by playing 5 consecutive games of Hangman. Use your game strategy/algorithm and assess its merits with a grading for your play, from NOVICE PLAYER to WIZARD PLAYER in our Test your Hangman Play program. Finally, this approach may form the basis for the development of algorithms and programs for a computer to play the game. Undertaking the project presents a practical introduction to some of the ideas behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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