African Drumming Workshops - Maths & Music

Using maths to identify patterns is not easy to understand for children and adults alike.  I have discovered the perfect way to teach pattern recognition.  I work with the well-known and internationally recognised team of Ghanaian drummers ( who run national school workshops to teach children, parents and teachers drum rhythms and how to identify patterns using music beats. 

Working with groups of up to 30, with African drums that they bring with them, a typical workshop will include learning how different parts of the drum head creates different sounds and then creating a pattern of beats.  Smaller groups create a set of different interwoven pattern and participants are encouraged to think of their own patterns that they can add.

Workshops will suit all ages and can range from 2hrs to a whole day.  If you would like to know more please email: or call me, Sayara, on 07983 951783.

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