RSPB FREE Schools Outreach Workshops in Bexley

We offer a selection of fantastic and engaging curriculum linked sessions for primary and early years.   

Each session includes at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity and are delivered by a trained RSPB educator. Children will experience the natural world first-hand and they will learn about the outdoors in an interactive way enabling them to conect with nature. Expected outcomes include: identify a range of wildlife, identify and explore a variety of habitats, improving and using a scientific vocabulary specific to each year group. 

Don’t worry if you think your grounds have nothing to offer nature – we’re here to help you find the biodiversity on your doorstep. 

Our Session Educator will deliver a full day of activities at your school, providing three sessions (75 minutes long) to three different classes , or for Early Years, two sessions (90 minutes long) for two different classes. We can deliver the same session throughout the day, or different sessions to different classes if you prefer. 

To book this activity, please contact:

Georgiana Irimia 

London Office 5th Floor, 50 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1UN 
Tel 0207 940 3050 
Mobile 07540 013489 


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