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Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate heat or thermal energy into visible light so that we can analyze an object or scene. Thermal imaging cameras are used in many different ways such as surveillance, road safety, gas and leak detection and checking skin temperature etc.


For a while now, I realized the bills for my house has been higher than many of my friends and neighbors. One reason that came to my mind was how quickly the temperature would cool down after turning off our heaters. As a result, one of my friends recommended a relatively cheap infrared thermal imager from to see if it could help with my situation.


With a simple and useful manual that comes along with the product, it didn’t take me a long time to grasp how to use the thermal imaging camera even though I have no prior experience in related products. After playing around with the camera for a while around the house, I found out what the problem was. Many parts of the wall were badly insulated and there were patches around the house that were colder than the others.


With the help of the camera, I have finally found out what the problem was that has troubled me for sometime now and managed to find builders to come to fix it. For anyone who has similar problems at home or anyone who needs a thermal imaging camera for other purposes, I highly recommend Perfect Prime who produces cameras with different resolutions. Click on the following link to see their selection of their cameras:

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As a word of warning, Thermal Cameras are not necessarily the panacea for all possible issues with building temperatures and possible causes for thermal loss and gain. There are a multitude of possible errors in the interpretation of the structure themal information due to the materials, external conditions, time of day, angle of view and many more. The inability of those materials to tell you the truth can lead the viewer down a plethora of rabbit holes of deceit.

75% of Thermography is interpretation of the images and the calling-out of those mischievous untruths. I fully support your intent, but as the cost of Thermal Imaging equipment is becoming more viable to the mass market, so the risk of interpretation errors and expensive unnecessary modifications to structures.

As with everything in the modern age, proceed with vigour, but with a fair chunk of caution and self-cynicism. If in doubt your thermal image is wrong until all wrongness has been proven wrong ;-)

Best of luck.

Neil Tonks
FLIR Level 2 Thermographer.