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Inspiri ng STE(A)M

House of Objects (HOBs)  is a scrapstore and workshop facility based in North Tyneside which has worked with over 18000 children in the last 4 years.

HOBs approach is to offer young children a challenge and invite them to use any of the materials on offer in our warehouse along with the careful; use of tools and equipment as appropriate. HOBs believes that if we want children to become interested in STE(A)M   we need to inspire them in the subject before moving onto the more technical aspects. First come the interest and from that the starting point the rest will follow. 

We challenge primary schools to tell us which area of STE(A)M  they need most support with and we will then design a bespoke session for their class/ year group to cover the topic. We will find the right facilitator to work with the group from the following:






Our creative approach brings all of the above subjects to life including theior relevance in children's lives.

Workshops 2 hours. £6 per child. No charge for adults. 

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