Techniquest Glyndŵr support for STEM/Science Clubs

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Techniquest Glyndŵr is able to deliver one-off support or a short series of visits to enhance school based After School Science or STEM Clubs.




Drawing upon its extensive range of educational shows, workshops and its extremely popular portable StarDome, engaging activities can be devised for clubs and out of school activities to follow particular themes.



Programmes can be drawn up to suit particular needs in schools within 45 minutes travel time of the Centre’s base in Wrexham in North Wales.


Remember, UK-registered state schools are eligible to apply for funding support of up to £500 from the Royal Institute  for activities listed in the STEM Directory – because this activity is listed potentially this could be a way to develop or enhance out-of-school provision at your site.



Our ‘menu’ of support can be based on some or all of the activities below


SHOWS: Presenter led shows with supporting equipment are performed in your school with an emphasis on interaction and an encouragement to question ideas.


CHALLENGE WORKSHOPS: Each challenge is designed to let students explore the subject through their own investigation, usually in small groups. Towards the end of the session students provide feedback on how they tackled the challenge and what they have learnt.


DOME SHOWS: A range of shows are available making use of our portable planetarium providing an immersive environment covering topics including Structure of the Atom,  Cell Structures and Astronomy, at KS3 and above, to Colour and Astronomy for Foundation/KS1 and KS2.



Please contact us for a discussion about how we could meet your needs.



Running time: 1-4hrs





Cost: Please call us to discuss pricing. Note: Costs vary depending on location of school







To discuss potential support for your STEM club contact: Techniquest Glyndwr, Mold Road, Wrexham, LL11 2AW




Phone: 01978 293400






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