Flash-Bang Shows and Chemical Demonstration Training

We at The University of Manchester have extensive experience of safely but spectacularly showing the more exciting bits of Chemistry (The 'Flash-Bang Show'). We are happy to come to schools around Manchester to deliver the shows, and/or to train teachers in doing some of the demonstrations themselves, with the appropriate precautions to make them safe. While we have limited provision for free shows to schools who meet our Widening Participation criterea, any school may book us at a heavily discounted price of £300. This covers consumables and incidentals, but does not cover the staff time for 2 days of prep, setup and setdown that one show entails. Hence, we ask that halls are booked for 200 or more audience, and that we have access for 2 hours pre and post show, for appropriate and safe setup and setdown. Some training can be done during these periods, but for more formal training, a longer pre or post-show time, and an appointment separate from a show,  would be needed.

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