This game teaches students how instructions and data move from RAM to the CPU and internally between the various registers and the ALU in order to run a simple program (which takes 2 numbers, adds them and stroes the result in memory).

A-Level students have fed back that it really helped them in the exam becuase they could remember playing the game which helped them to desribed the Fetch-Execute cycle correctly.

I strongly recommend laminating the "board" and the player cards. The player cards need a bit of assembly work - the octagonal disc needs attaching so it can spin (I used some plastic rivets that a colleague had left over from their new kitchen! I'm sure you wil lfind an equally ingenious solution). Don't forget to cut out the little blue squares in the Program Counter section so the disc (numbers) become visible.

You'll also need a set of (normal 6-sided) dice - two per game.

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