Microsoft Access Tutorial - My Holiday Home

This tutorial provides detailed instructions on creating a Microsoft Access database using an example that manages the lettings of a holiday villa in France or Spain.

It will provide students and teachers with an in-depth understanding of MS Access and an ability to design and construct their own databases to benefit themselves and their employers.

Each stage is detailed in minute detail to guide the student through to a completed database.

The tutorial starts with the example database and then goes through creating the database, adding Tables for customer Names and Bookings.

Then Queries to enable us to combine tables and sort into sequence. Data is added to the tables and queries so that we can see the data on subsequent forms.

We then create Forms into which we can input or change the data, including an opening Menu which is displayed using an opening Macro.

The tutorial continues by explaining the IIF function and others and utilises these to create a diary with the bookings shown in a weekly timetable. We also cover the design of a printout.

Students can proceed at their own pace but the typical minimum time for the entire tutorial is of the order of six to eight hours, however some can be completed as "homework".

The tutorial requires downloading Microsoft Access 2013 or later versions.

Please download the full set of visual aids and the database from​ ​

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Hi I am unable to download the resources for the Microsoft Access 'My Holiday Home' project. Could you please re-upload. Thank you

Derrick Willer

I have just downloaded the file without any problems. You will need to sign into the IET Schools Liaison Community - you will not receive emails from them except where relevant to the communities that you join. Alternatively I can send you the file but it is almost 12MBy, if so please let me have your email address. Mine is dwiller at theiet dot org. Kind regards. Derrick


Hi Derrick, thank you for your quick response. I have just today signed up and registered on the site and I have been able to navigate and download successfully some resources from the site. Unfortunately when i do access the link to your resource, no files appear that can be downloaded...most probable that i am overlooking a simple setting etc.
I would very much appreciate it if you could kindly send as an email attachment the file.
away dot lally11 at gmail dot com


Hi i have managed to download the files. Thank you very much for sharing the resources.