Modelling micro:bit data with the Bitty Data Logger App

The free Bitty Data Logger for Android and Apple devices allows you to capture sensor data from the micro:bit's accelerometers, magnetometers and temperature sensors.  A small file needs to be flashed to the micro:bit to enable bluetooth communication with your mobile device, which will also allow you to calibrate the magnetometers.  Once the micro:bit is paired with your device you can collect and graph data in real time.  When this is completed the data will be saved locally as a CSV file which can be uploaded to the Cloud.  That file can then be opened on any device, such as a Windows laptop, running suitable software for analysis and modelling.  The attached article shows this process first with a spreadsheet, such as MS Excel, and then with the free, open-source GeoGebra software.  For a moving object it would great to be able to collect position data as well.  This can done by taking a video clip of the experiment and extracting data using the free, open-source Tracker software.  The data sets from both the micro:bit's sensors and the video clip can then be analysed in GeoGebra.  So we have a powerful way to use the micro:bit as a very cheap scientific instrument.  It would be great to have your own experiments shared through groups such as the Micro:bit group.  

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