How To Get Kik For Your Windows PC

Kik Messenger  provides you with features that you will not be able to find in your usual mailbox. Create an account is very fast in addition to having it for FREE. You can stay in touch and plan your next party in real time. It also allows you to share private photos directly from your smartphone. What's more, our technology  allows you to download Kik for Windows 7/8 or Mac PC  so that you can do something else without being cluttered with other mobile devices.

Download Kik For PC

To download, simply go to the following download page:


The spy-hole

The latest update allows you to sign in with hashtags that include public groups. If you have a lot of friends you can add up to 50 in a group. The moderators of KIK will remove any offensive / offensive content and label the group responsible for the fault. They can also evict users with bad behavior. If you  download KIK for PC on Windows 7/8 or Mac, push notifications will be sent on these devices just like on your phones. With its new "Android Wear" support, you can be sure that Google Play Store updates will be powered by Andy OS and its emulation technology. The emulator goes with Android UI, Mac OSX and Windows 7/8. The emulator can even run "OpenGL Hardware", "ARM" and "X86 Native Apps" on any device.


A surprising application

Did you know that today there are more than 200 million KIK users? There's no better way to communicate with your friends or co-workers than with this real-time messenger. Do not want to give your mobile number? You do not have to reveal your personal identity because you will only be identified by a username. Thus, your phone number will not appear anywhere unlike other communications applications. With KIK you also have the right to filters like that you can sort the people with whom you want to chat. Once you have downloaded KIK for Windows 7/8 or Mac PC, you can share many things that have long been stored on your PC even before GIFs, videos,

Register a KIK Messenger account:

  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Enter a username
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Enter a password

After creating an account, you will be prompted to allow KIK Messenger to scan your contacts to see if there is anyone in your contacts who owns KIK as well. Once the system detects users, he / she will be notified that you can now be contacted by KIK

Want to know if your message has already been read? Well, you do not have to guess it anymore. KIK is the pioneer of the function "Message Read / Not read by the receiver". All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the following:

  • An S appears when you send the message
  • The letter D indicates that he was indeed sent
  • When you see the R, it means that the other person has read the message

So, in case you wait for a quick response you will not be anxious about it. You can do other things and take on more important things than waiting for a conversation to take place.

Just surprising

Andy OS brings all your favorite communication or entertainment applications to your PC. If you enjoy playing strategy games sitting at your desk with high definition graphics and superb sound setup you can also download KIK for Windows 7/8 or Mac PC and be in touch with your gaming friends in real time, even if they are not connected to the game. Andy is equipped with sensors, microphone, multi-touch and camera support to ensure you get the same virtual technologies wherever you want. You can even use one of your synchronized apps in conjunction with your KIK messenger and simultaneously communicate with everyone on your separate messaging services such as Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and Snapchat to better manage your various social circles.

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