Using the visitor economy to support the teaching and learning of mathematics

The activities featured require students to use a variety of mathematical skills in order to successfully complete the tasks. The mathematical activities require students to plan events, make decisions, use time and timetables, think logically and solve problems.


Picturing the Maths is an activity which helps learners become aware of the importance of maths in their vocational area. Time and timetables requires students to solve problems relating to time whilst Night Train is a video designed as stimulus to work relating to timetabling, speed, ratio, nets and patterns. Holidays contains a series of projects requiring students to use a variety of mathematical skills in order to design a camp site, make tents and plan a holiday. Plan a Trip is a project based activity requiring students to provide costings, carry out scheduling, surveys and everyday arithmetic. Getting Around uses decimals, frequency tables, graphs and percentages to explore data concerning efficiency, accidents, pollutions and costs of different forms of travel. In the Ordering resource the Making tea activity is concerned with finding the best way to organise time and uses Critical Path Analysis skills to find an efficient solution.


Mystery Tours, Torbury Festival, Day out, Hilbre Island, Ice Cream, Youth Hostel, Taxi Cabs and The Greenest Route are a series of project based activities requiring students to use a variety of mathematical, organisational and problem solving skills. Scheduling Aircraft is a more complex problem involving different time zones.