Light-how do we see

Pg 4-9, teaching approaches

Seeing beams of light

ask students how they see by lettting them draw an object on a piece of paper.

from their responses, bring in the concept that light from  from the object  enters the eye and enables us see it not vice versa

Before the acivity:

desbrbe it to the students  before carrying out the demonstration explaining ensuring what the apparatus are for

inform them that the lights will be turned off during the activity. Provoke their thinking by asking them to predict what they will see when the lights are off

switch on beam with a big effect watch out for their reaction as a red spot appears on the screen but not the beam

explain why the beam is not being seen, light from the beam is not entering the eyes.

ask for eg. Where they have seen beams of light and link it to scattering of light

Recoup the lesson by reinforcing the concept of seeing the red spot on screen because laser light is reflected and some enters the eye.






how light travels

challenging predictions-pg6

former predictions

latter predictions

follow up questions