Generation Logistics

Generation Logistics is an initiative from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation to demonstrate to students and teachers the relevance of the logistics industry to their lives and the wide variety of career opportunities available.

The resources contained within this collection apply real-life logistics contexts to students' learning in mathematics, science, computing, technology and engineering. They show students the relevance of their learning in these subjects to the real-world.

More detail about Generation Logistics can be found here.

Further education resources that link the world of logistics to suitable lessons and subjects in school can be found on the Generation Logistics Education Hub.



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Everything you ever wanted to know about logistics careers

This engaging and well thought-out booklet highlights the wide variety of careers and job roles available in the logistics and transportation industries. It is full of useful information and guidance to help pupils make decisions about their future subject and course choices and how these lead into future job roles...

This group of mathematical problem-solving activities use the context of Norwest, a small chain of mini supermarkets serving small towns in the North West of England. The activities show how mathematics can be applied to practical situations in the world of logistics.


This group of packing problems, sometimes referred to as bin packing problems, show how mathematics can be applied to practical situations in the world of logistics.They are an accessible gateway to solving problems in such a manner to find the greatest or least solution. Once students are familiar with simple...