The World Health Organisation (WHO) was founded on 7 April 1948 and is the United Nations agency that connects nations, partners and people so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health.

These resources can be used with primary-aged pupils to explore how to stay healthy through eating well and having a healthy lifestyle, some of the possible causes of ill-health as well as the role of antibiotics and medicines in treating various illnesses and disease.



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Healthy Eating

Developed for use in Early Years, these resources link to work on the areas of physical development, understanding the world and communicating ideas, they also aid vocabulary development and working as part of a group. The activities and games explore food preferences and what constitutes a healthy balanced diet....

A Healthy Lifestyle

This short film aimed at improving the subject knowledge of primary teachers on the topic of keeping healthy. It follows Sonia Cullington of WOW Fitness as she speaks about healthy eating and living. She looks at an everyday shopping list and discusses how they may or may not form part of a healthy balanced diet....

Primary: Harmful Microbes

Produced by the Health Protection Agency, this e-Bug resource introduces students to the ideas that some microbes can be harmful and cause ill-health. The resource includes extensive teacher guidance, stimulus materials and students' activity sheets.

Students are encouraged to discuss as a class how some...

Primary: Antibiotics and Medicine

Produced by the Health Protection Agency, this e-Bug resource explores the use of antibiotics and medicine in treating various illnesses and disease.

Through a cartoon, students consider a range of scenarios in which the two characters, Amy and Harry, are exposed to germs during their school day. Students...