This selection of resources from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) provides a range of creative, cross curricular and topical ways of delivering the STEM agenda through Christmas themed activities. Aimed at secondary aged pupils, each resource has an accompanying plan, worksheet and all answers are provided to support delivery both in school and at home. 



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Make a playdough electrical circuit

In this activity from the IET, pupils learn about conductors and insulators of electricity, ionic and covalent bonds, as well as closed circuits, whilst creating their own playdough electrical circuits.  The resource also includes a wordsearch to reinforce vocabulary and support assessment of understanding.

Winter window decorations

This well structured resource from the IET provides a quick and efficient way of making craft, recycled Christmas window decorations, whilst learning about the science of adhesives, the physics of positive and negative charges, and even the chemistry of bonding.

This resource can be easily adapted to...

Rudolph thumbprint cookies

This resource from the IET supports learning about imperial and metric measurements, chemical reactions and properties of materials in the context of making Christmas butter cookies shaped like Rudolph. There is also a wordsearch that can be used to check understanding and vocabulary.

Make a snow globe

In this resource from the IET, pupils learn about materials, density and waterproofing, whilst creating their own Christmas snow globes from empty jam jars and biodegradable glitter. The resources provided include full lesson guidance and a...