Biology Week - 16th to 20th October 2023

Biology Week is a celebration of all things biology! This resource collection provides a fun selection of activities, videos, and games for students of all ages to explore topics across biology, from plants to the digestive system. Biology Week is organised by the Royal Society of Biology and more information is available on their website.



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Heart Beaters (Ages 9-11)

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the function of the heart, how exercise affects heart rate, and the rate of recovery after exercise. Linked to PE and the topic animals including humans, it also aims to develop ...

Heart Rate Investigation

This resource uses the context of football to introduce a heart rate investigation. Students take part in suggested exercises and measure their heart rate and recovery time.  They need to plot of graph of their heart rate for different activities, and are encouraged to decide the axis and scale of the graph for...

Survival Rivals are hands-on experiments inspired by Darwin and produced by the Wellcome Trust.

The three resources in the series are:
* I'm a Worm, Get Me Out of Here (exploring natural selection)
* Brine Date (looking at sexual selection)
* The X-Bacteria (investigating antibiotic...

Produced by ARKive, these materials use Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle as a context to explore a number of topics around adaptation, variation, natural selection and evolution. The activities are designed to be used as a set or individually, alongside your existing resources. The resources look at: