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Fixperts is a learning programme which challenges young people to work with real people to create ingenious solutions to their everyday problems. A Fixpert's project offers students the opportunity to collaborate with a real person and identify a real need in someone’s life. Students work in teams to research and develop solutions, sketch out ideas, model prototypes and make a final product as a gift to their 'fix-partner'. The story is often captured in a short video and shared with others in the form of a 'fix film'.

The resources guide learners on how to work with a ‘fix-partner’, along with how to work through the design process to identify design solutions. Each section within the collection of resources breaks down the design process into manageable chunks and provides easy to use supporting resources that can be adapted for a variety of age groups. The activities can be carried out over a number of weeks, as a stand-alone session, or as part of an after school club.



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Introduction to Fixperts - S00

The ‘introduction to Fixperts ’ section of the Fixpert's resource introduces the Fixpert framework and how it breaks down the design process into 6 stages. It provides examples of schemes of work, curriculum links and a set of frequently asked questions. A student log book is also provided that students can use to...

Big Ideas - S01

The 'big ideas' section of the Fixpert's resource focuses on big ideas. It introduces students to designing as an approach to problem solving and to designing for the real world and real problems. In particular, students are encouraged to consider different users and their needs, along with ergonomics and human-...

Getting Started - S02

The ‘getting started’ section of the Fixpert's resource focuses finding a 'fix partner' and identifying a design problem they experience. Structured activities are provided for developing interview skills, along with an activity considering the needs of someone with limited dexterity or mobility.

Discovery - S03

The ‘discovery’ section of the Fixpert's resource focuses on developing skills and confidence relating to design thinking. It works well as a starter for an in-depth design lesson. Structured activities help students to view their surroundings with fresh eyes and think outside the box. Ideation techniques are...


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