World Water day - 22nd March

The theme for United Nations Water's World Water day in 2023 is 'accelerating change' to solve the water and sanitation crisis. In 2015, when setting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the world promised that everyone would have safely managed water and sanitation by 2030. However, we are not on track to achieve this and governments cannot solve this problem on their own. Water affects everyone, so everyone needs to take action. 

These resources highlight the importance of clean water for sustaining human life. More details about the day can be found on the World Water day website.



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This series of resources have been created to highlight to pupils the importance of water in society. The water cycle activity introduces pupils to the concept of the water cycle and the science involved, whilst 'How much water do we waste?' is an investigation where pupils measure the volume of water used when...

Water and sanitation videos

Practical Action helps local communities in the developing world gain access to services such as water and sanitation, vital for a decent quality of life. Some examples of how they go about doing this and the technologies involved are demonstrated in these videos:

  • Dying for a drink - solar powered...

Pure Water

This video, for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), looks at how water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, even in affluent places like California where the infrastructure is struggling to cope with demand. Engineers have looked at extreme conservation, sea water desalination, importing...

Water, Water, Everywhere? (11-14)

This resource, from Siemens UK, encourages students to appreciate the importance of clean water and the problems that may arise in the absence of it. Students consider soluble and insoluble pollutants and methods of filtration. They then explore contamination by microorganisms, water-borne diseases and the...