Royal Observatory Greenwich - Secondary resources

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World.

They have created a range of resources to help with lesson planning. Many of these resources have a mix of worksheets, videos and teacher guidance. 

  • For key stage 3 the activities have students plotting constellations, and learning about orbits, seasons and the formation of the solar system.
  • The activities suitable for key stage 4 students get them to look at different wavelengths, exoplanets, gravity, the history of the universe, the life cycle of stars and Kepler’s Third Law.



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Exploring moons

This activity, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, is designed to help students find out all about the Moon, and some of the other 200+ moons that orbit other planets in the solar system.


Formation of the Solar System

This resource, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, discusses a range of topics about how the Sun, planets, asteroids and/or moons have been formed over millions of years.


The History of the Universe

This resource, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, introduces the age of the current universe and what its final fate may be.

The video answers some questions...

What is gravity and how is it calculated?

This resource, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, introduces students to how our understanding of gravity has changed over time, and what this means for the gravitational field strength of different bodies in our galaxy.