These inspirational resources introduce primary pupils to the concept of space debris and help raise their awareness of how important it is to clean up space.



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Why is there junk in space?

In this classroom resource pupils learn how space debris is generated. It includes two investigations looking at how collisions between objects can lead to further collisions, and how impact causes some materials to fracture into many particles using crisps.

The resource includes pupil worksheets as well as...

Cleaning up space

In this classroom activity pupils design and build a tentacle-like robotic arm that captures debris, represented by Lego pieces. Pupils then compare different sticky surfaces that will help to trap the debris and are given the opportunity to improve their designs based upon what they have learned.


Coming back to Earth safely

In these activities, pupils are introduced to the idea of controlled or uncontrolled re-entry for satellites. They are challenged to devise a way of reducing space debris by designing alterations to satellites so that they bring themselves back to Earth. In the first activity, the students pretend to be satellites...