The key idea with these activities from Siemens is to get students thinking about the challenges associated with organising transport. They will have first-hand experience of issues relating to transport, whether in terms of convenience, cost or reliability but here they look at wider issues such as impact on the environment. Each of the resources uses transport as a theme and draws upon a range of skills from the STEM curriculum when challenging students to develop ideas and solutions.

  • Using the context of a bus company these activities investigate congestion and pollution of three different types of motive power including data interpretation exercises suitable for pupils aged 11 to 14.
  • An interactive self- driving challenge activity introduces another set of tasks based upon the concept of electric cars suitable for pupils aged 14 to 16.

The collection includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher notes - Introducing and providing an overview of key learning objectives for the resources and/or activity suggestions
  • Curated lesson plans
  • interactive online learning tool
  • activity suggestions and worksheets

The resources covering key stages three and four are gathered together here for sake of convenience but there is no expectation or suggestion that they be used consecutively. Rather the idea is that as and when the topics arise in schemes of work that the resources are accessed and deployed.



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The Inspired Bus Company (11-14)

This resource from Siemens encourages students to explore the challenges facing bus designers when producing a bus for an urban environment and investigate how different solutions can be identified and evaluated. The video clip introduces the bus as something which is essential to a wide range of people and is a...

Green Racer (14-16)

This resources, from Siemens, looks at how an electric car works, the components of the system and the function of each component. Students research the charge and discharge cycles of a battery-powered device and consider the advantages and disadvantages of battery power. They look at what is meant by the capacity...

Ringing True (14-16)

This resource, from Siemens, looks at the function of a wheel bearing on trains and the importance of finding out whether replacement is needed. Students consider the cost implications of replacing bearings before it is necessary and the cost and safety implications of not replacing them in time. Traditionally,...

Module 5: Getting around (overview)

This 'Six for Six' module from Siemens examines transport systems and how essential they are  to modern life using real-world examples of Siemens technology, engineering or manufacturing principles as a basis for learning. The teacher notes below...