Data and information – Data logging

This suite of resources, by Teach Computing, covers the Year 4 unit: Data and Information, through collecting data and using data loggers. In this unit, pupils will consider how and why data is collected over time. Pupils will consider the senses that humans use to experience the environment and how computers can use special input devices called sensors to monitor the environment. Pupils will collect data as well as access data captured over long periods of time. They will look at data points, data sets, and logging intervals. Pupils will spend time using a computer to review and analyse data. Towards the end of the unit, pupils will pose questions and then use data loggers to automatically collect the data needed to answer those questions.

This unit follows a suggested learning loop of six lessons:

1. Answering questions

2. Data collection

3. Logging

4. Analysing data

5. Data for answers

6. Answering my question

All planning documents and resources are provided for each lesson.



Data and information – Data logging Overview

In this unit, Year 4 pupils will explore the ideas of data and information, through collecting and analysing data. Teach Computing have provided a detailed Unit Overview and Learning Graph which explain each theme and how they link together across the unit of learning.

In the unit overview, each of the six...

Lesson 1 - Answering questions

This lesson will provide pupils with an overview of the unit, building on and recapping learning about data from previous units. Pupils will consider what data can be collected and how it is collected. They will think about data being collected over time. Pupils will also think about questions that can and can’t be...

Lesson 2 - Data collection

This lesson will build on the idea of collecting data over time, and introduce pupils to the idea of collecting data automatically using computers. Computers can capture data from the physical world using input devices called ‘sensors’. Sensors can be connected to data loggers, which can collect data while not...

Lesson 3 - Logging

In this lesson, pupils will explore how data loggers work. Pupils will try recording data at set moments in time and draw parallels with the data points that a data logger captures at regular intervals. Pupils will use data loggers independently from a computer, then they will connect the loggers to a computer and...