The Royal Society

The Royal Society is a an independent scientific academy in the UK, dedicated to promoting excellence in science.

This collection of resources from the Royal Society contains a variety of activity types and themes, such as why a career in science is for me, inspiring scientists and climate change, and the Brian Cox school experiments.



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Following on from the first series of the Brian Cox schools experiments for primary, the Royal Society has produced a new set of videos and resources based around new and emerging technologies. These new resources cover important topics and introduce...

These experiments are designed to support teachers of upper primary level pupils to carry out experimental science in the classroom, and relate it to real world experiences. Creative and experimental approaches are particularly important for keeping pupils interested and engaged in science, and for equipping them...

These classroom resources from the Royal Society, based on the latest evidence available to scientists, can be used to engage students in the climate debate and to explore and understand topics relating to climate change. Further resources and extension tasks linked to these activities from the Royal Society are...

Why a career in science is for me video and poster

How do you encourage those students who really do like science but cannot see themselves in a science-based career?

Many students struggle to think of more than a handful of scientific careers so this new careers video and poster from the Royal Society, aimed at students aged 11 to 16, aims to demonstrate...