Ada Lovelace day -12th October 2021

The life and work of Ada Lovelace and its importance in the development of computer programming are highlighted in these resources which are suitable for secondary aged students.  Also included in this list is a primary resource from Barefoot computing, 'Code Cracking Unit' which looks at the history of computing during and from the second world war.  Although Ada is not mentioned it could be used to highlight how the work of Turing in the war built on Ada's previous work.



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History of Computers

This classroom resource for secondary computing lessons outlines the history of development of computers. It covers thousands of years of history, including:

  • the abacus
  • log tables
  • the calculators of Pascal and Leibnitz
  • Jacquard looms
  • Babbage's Difference Engine and...

CS4FN Issue 18

This edition of Computer Science for fun asks ‘Can Machines be Creative?’ The articles inside include:

• The work of Ada Lovelace

• Playfulness and creativity

• The letter-writing algorithm that dare not speak its name

• Teaching computers – a parent-child relationship

• Defining...

CS4FN issue 20

2015 is the 200th anniversary of Ada Lovelace’s birth. Famous as ‘the first programmer’ her vision of computer science was far wider. To celebrate, issue 20 of CS4FN magazine explores her life, her ideas and where modern research has taken some of those ideas. Women’s research is also still at the...

Code Cracking Unit

This set of six activities introduces pupils to the history of computing and in particular, how computers were used as code-cracking devices in World War II. Through these activities pupils will have the opportunity to learn about Alan Turing and become code-crackers before finally creating their own movie about...