World Space Week 4th-10th October 2022

World Space Week is a very popular STEM awareness event and there are a large number of resources available for all age groups.  This collection highlights some of the best and more topical resources to provide inspiration for lesson or STEM Club activities.

The James Webb space telescope is due to be launched at the end of Oct 2021, so these collections can provide some topical resources for primary and secondary pupils, whilst the ExoMars Collection provides a wide range of activities across several subjects including computing, and design and technology.

On the theme of careers, ESERO-UK have a Careers in Space section in their website looking at a variety of roles from professor of astrobiology to apprentice at Airbus; glaciologist to space lawyer.  This can be found by following this link.

In addition, the 'Ask the astronaut' resources in the list is a great series of videos where Tim Peake answers questions like 'Can you have a cup of tea in space?'.

The resources which apply to all age groups can be found at the top of the collection list, primary resources in the middle and secondary at the end.



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Paxi animations

This collection of short animations introduce us to Paxi, the alien explorer and European Space Agency mascot. Paxi introduces himself, then explores the Solar System, investigates comets and looks at how scientists aim to find out if there is evidence for life on Mars. These animations are a great introduction to...

What do you have to consider when designing satellites? And what mathematics is involved?

This collection of resources aims to help students discover the answers to these questions and more. Each resource contains a range of student activities and teacher guidance, covering content most suitable for Key...

Ask the astronaut - Tim Peake

This collection of 19 videos, gives the opportunity to interview British astronaut Tim Peake, who visited the International Space Station in 2015-16. Choose from a set of pre-selected questions put forward by school children and hear Tim Peake's pre-recorded answers to hear about anti-gravity, tea making and...

A selection of activity packs published by the European Space Agency (ESA) on topics related to climate change.