Recycle Week 20th to 26th September 2021

To support and highlight Recycle Week in lessons there are a number of resources in this collection to engage pupils across various age ranges and parts of the curriculum.

'Race 2 Recycle' enables 9 to 11 year olds to look at the production and use of drinks cans, and discuss the environmental benefits of recycling them.

For 11 to 16 year olds there are a wide variety of resources ranging from; 'Recycling and Sustainability', a series of lessons looking at how materials can be recovered from waste and then used again; to 'Recycle or Reuse?' which not only looks at the difference between the terms reduce, reuse and recycle, but also whether these methods produce the desired effect in terms of reducing waste and energy usage. This resource also looks at some of the global social impacts of the recycling business.  The resources 'Waste Management' and 'What happens to your empty drinks cans?' are short activities which give secondary pupils the opportunity to analyse and interpret data using recycling as the theme.


Race 2 Recycle

This activity aimed at primary learners, links to work explanatory texts and D & T by looking at the processes involved in the production, use and disposal of drinks cans. During the lesson opportunities also arise for discussing the environmental benefits of recycling steel and aluminium and the costs of...

Recycling and Sustainability

This booklet is part of the ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ series published by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP). ‘Sustainability’ is about using resources in a way that does not deplete them. An increased emphasis on renewable energy is part of the move to greater sustainability, but so is the idea...

Recycling - concept cartoon

This cartoon help pupils explore issues around how recycling and reusing products can benefit the environment.

Concept Cartoons are quick, simple and effective. They are designed to intrigue, provoke discussion and stimulate thinking. Concept Cartoons make concepts problematic and provide an engaging...

Recycling Plastics *suitable for home teaching*

This film, from Twig World, looks at the differences between thermosetting, thermo softening and partially biodegradable plastics, and how they can be recycled.

The key points made in the film are:

A lot of plastic is thrown away and most is non-biodegradable Plastic can be recycled using mechanical...


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