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Athlete or Machine?

The Royal Academy of Engineering has developed a teaching and learning resource for Key Stage Three that combines design, technology, mathematics and science activities. The resource allows students to investigate the question: Athlete or machine? Which is more important in the bob skeleton event? To answer the...

Disaster Response: How do Engineers Save Lives?

This suite of student activities, challenges and related resources aims to give students an insight into the roles of engineers following a natural disaster.

The short introductory activities increase students’ awareness of the range of types of natural disaster and the kinds of problems associated with them...

Controlling motion - A Cornerstone Maths investigation of linear functions

Controlling Motion uses Cornerstone Maths' dynamic interactive web-based environment to give secondary students an introduction to the 'hard to teach' concept of linear functions....

Making music

In this activity, students create musical instruments using recycled materials.  They are then asked to analyse the musical notes their instruments produce using free-to-download software.  The challenge is for the students to see how close the notes their instruments make can get to those produced by real...


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