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A selection of resources covering topics in engineering, science, mathematics and computing.


Maths Magic

This STEM teaching resource explores a variety of magical maths activities, from multiplication tips to card tricks.

STEM Ambassador activity: creating captivating cornflour

The information sheet, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, covers what materials are required and encourages students to think about how a material alters as it is processed and how it can be used. Students are encouraged to think about engineering applications for a material and also the marketing of a product...

Power up!

This STEM resource looks at different types of energy, energy in engineering, the importance of electricity and how this is generated. It investigates different types of renewable energy through a number of engineering themed hands-on and practical activities.

Curriculum links:

  • Science: Energy...

STEM Club Activity: milking it

This activity looks at the use of plastics. Because the manufacture of plastics requires huge quantities of oil and produces pollutants including greenhouse gases alternative sources of raw materials are required. This activity will enable students to explore how to make plastics and experiment with different...


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