This collection of resources provide a cross-curricular project for younger children, which supports learning in D&T, science, mathematics and English. Children are set the challenge of setting up their own pizza business. Using this context,  they work through a series of activities in which they design and make a logo for business, grow some of the ingredients to make pizza, design and make pizza and packaging to sell in it. They then advertise their business and and practise working with money and paying for items using different combinations of coins.  Activities may be used as standalone lessons, but they are best carried out as a project. 

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Year 2 project outline

This resource provides an overview of the Year 2 STEMterprise project, in which children learn about science, D&T, maths and English as they work through a series of activities with an end goal of setting up their own pizza business. There are 7 lessons in which children find out about the needs of all living...

Year 2 - Stage 1

In this activity children choose a name and logo for their pizza business. They then learn where a range of food that comes from and role play simple food chains. They then build their own food chains.

This is the first in a series of activities where children work towards an end goal of setting up a pizza...

Year 2 - Stage 2

In this activity children learn about what plants need to grow. They also find out where the ingredients to make pizza come from.  They then set up an investigation to see which plants grow the fastest during ‘The great ingredient race’ activity.

This is the second in a series of activities where children...

Year 2 - Stage 3

In this activity children are introduced to the idea of market research as an engaging and meaningful context for Maths learning. Through this, they learn how to design a simple survey to understand their potential pizzeria customers’ preferences and construct a pictogram to display their findings.

This is...


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