This collection of resources provide a cross-curricular project for younger children, which supports learning in D&T, science, mathematics and English. Children are set the challenge of setting up their own yoghurt café. They work through a series of activities in which they design and make a logo for their cafe, yoghurt to sell in it, packaging for the yoghurt and advertising materials for the cafe. Activities may be done as standalone lessons, but they are best carried out as a project. 

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Year 1 project outline

This resource provides an overview of the Year 1 STEMterpise project, in which children learn about science, D&T, maths and English as they work through a series of activities with an end goal of opening their own yoghurt café. Activities include describing 2D shapes, finding out about parts of different plants...

Year 1 - Stage 1

In this activity children are introduced to a challenge: setting up a yoghurt cafe. They then learn to name and recognise a range of 2D shapes and then use their learning to design a logo for their business.

This is the first in a series, which involves lessons which look at healthy eating, D&T parts of...

Year 1 - Stage 2

In this activity children learn to name a variety of fruit plants and trees and label their parts. They then explore a range of fruit seeds and describe their properties using comparative language.

This is the second in a series of activities where children work towards an end goal of setting up a yoghurt...

Year 1 - Stage 3

In this activity children think about eating healthily and the nutrients included in each food group. Using this learning, they are then challenged to use a range of seasonal fruit to design a food flag yoghurt that they can sell in their yoghurt cafés.

This is the third in a series of activities where...


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