This unit introduces students to the powerful and topical discipline of Data Science. By the end of the unit they will know how to use data to investigate problems and make changes to the world around them. Students will interact with both global and local data sets and gain an understanding of how visualising data can help with the process of identifying patterns and trends. Towards the end of the unit, the students will go through the steps of the investigative cycle to try to solve a problem in the school using data.




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Lesson 6 - Made A Change

In this lesson, the learners will complete their school litter project by working through the final steps of the PPDAC cycle (analysis and conclusions). The lesson begins with the learners looking at an example visualisation. They will be encouraged to think about what they can learn from the data, as well as what...

Data Science - Overview

This resource provides a unit overview for the Year 9 ‘Data Science' unit of work. It gives a clear overview of objectives to be covered within each session and a learning graph to show the range of skills being developed through this computing unit.


Lesson 1 - Delving Into Data Science

The aim of this lesson is to introduce the learners to data science, and in particular, how visualising data can help us to provide insights that may not be as obvious when looking at raw data. The learners will investigate a couple of historical examples that highlight the value in visualising data, before using...