This unit introduces students to the technologies that make up the internet and the World Wide Web. It starts with an exploration of the building blocks of the World Wide Web, HTML, and CSS, and students investigate how websites are catalogued and organised for effective retrieval using search engines. Students also consider the hidden network technologies that protect us from the threats that a connected world brings, as well as looking at the impact of these services and technologies.

The unit resources include a useful learning graph (.jpg file) to show how the unit content is sequenced - see this link  for an explanation.

This unit precedes Year 9 – Cybersecurity but is not essential.



Lesson 4 - Searching The Web

Like artists, web developers create works of art that they want people to see. There is so much content on the World Wide Web, that making sure your web page stands out can be difficult. Consider how people get to web pages. The start of the journey is usually a search engine, which people use to search for a few...

Lesson 5 - Tightening The Web

Search engines index a huge number of web pages against an equally large number of possible search terms. Finding useful information therefore is quite tricky. If we understand how to control what we search for more carefully, we have a higher chance of finding what we want and what may be more useful than the...

Lesson 6 - The Spread of the Web

The growth of the use of technology and the increased inter-connection of it using the internet has given rise to both benefits and dangers in equal measure. As with many things that have the potential to cause problems, it is the people using this technology that determine how much of a danger it can be. If more...


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