This unit introduces students to the technologies that make up the internet and the World Wide Web. It starts with an exploration of the building blocks of the World Wide Web, HTML, and CSS, and students investigate how websites are catalogued and organised for effective retrieval using search engines. Students also consider the hidden network technologies that protect us from the threats that a connected world brings, as well as looking at the impact of these services and technologies.

The unit resources include a useful learning graph (.jpg file) to show how the unit content is sequenced - see this link  for an explanation.

This unit precedes Year 9 – Cybersecurity but is not essential.



Developing For The Web Overview

This resource provides a unit overview for the Year 8 ‘Developing for the web' unit of work. It gives a clear overview of objectives to be covered within each session and a learning graph to show the range of skills being developed through this...

Lesson 1 - Website building blocks

We use web pages every day without questioning how they work. This lesson looks behind the curtain to help learners start to understand how web pages are constructed using HTML tags, and how they can be modified to start to resemble the websites they are accustomed to. 

Learners will begin by considering the...

Lesson 2 - Words Are Not Enough

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. Web pages that only use text are not going to be read for long on a screen. The use of images on web pages is important as it can bring them to life and help improve the reader’s experience.

Learners will begin by recapping the important fundamentals of web...

Lesson 3 - Taking Shortcuts

Computer scientists shouldn’t work too hard! The benefit of using a computer is that it is a device that allows the easy editing of content. It is not like writing an essay on a sheet of A4 where any small mistake or change requires the work to be reproduced again. Computer scientists like to find efficient ways to...


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