KS4 networks collection

KS4 Networks Unit Instructions:
This is a series of four, 30 to 60 minute, sessions that will go through the basics of networks. Each
session has:

  • Step by step instructions.
  •  A presentation with the information needed broken into chunks. The idea being you read a chunk of information then answer questions to reinforce it.
  • A workbook that asks questions to make you engage with the information in the presentation. This can be printed or typed into.
  • An Answer book for you to check your answers and correct any errors.

The fourth session is a test on the information covered. There are links in sessions 3 and 4 to
allow revision to be done digitally should you have access to the internet.



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Session 1 - What is a network

Session 2 - Network hardware

Session 3 - Types of network

Session 4 - Networks test